Still not sure about America this summer..?

USA-UK-FlagThe deadline for applications for the YBF US Summer Conference study visit to Washington DC expires on Wednesday, 30 April 2014. This is your last chance to apply. If you are still unsure about whether or not to join us in the United States this summer, maybe this will help whet your appetite…

Saturday, 19 July: fly to Washington DC, check-in at Marymount University and dinner at Gerard Phelan Hall Continue reading

An Easter gift from YBF

YBF Small Dolphin LogoAs our gift to you for Easter, and mindful that too many people in Britain suffer from obesity such that it is not going to be yet another Easter egg or Hot Cross Bun, the Young Britons’ Foundation is pleased to confirm that the 11th YBF Activist Training Conference will take place at Churchill College, Cambridge from lunchtime on Friday, 12 December 2014 until lunchtime on Sunday, 14 December 2014.

Further details including confirmed speakers, ticket prices and award nominees will be announced in the coming weeks. So watch this space – and save the date in your diaries. Happy Easter!

YBF at the Reagan Ranch

RanchEarlier this month a delegation of YBF activists were privileged to enjoy a private escorted tour of Ronald Reagan’s Western White House, Rancho del Cielo, on the anniversary of the death of his close friend, Margaret Thatcher.

Young America’s Foundation recorded the success of this moving and memorable tour here.

If you too wish to visit the United States as part of YBF’s US Summer Conference programme, the deadline for applications has been extended to 30 April 2014. 

YBF US Summer Conference Programme Update

capitolThanks to the generosity of YBF’s donors, a further ten places have unexpectedly come available for this year’s YBF US Summer Conference Programme.

But you need to move fast as the deadline for applications is 4pm on Wednesday, 30 April 2014. 

If you would like to visit the White House and the US Supreme Court, receive a private tour of the National Mall, tour the Newseum and Arlington National Cemetery, shoot pistols and machine guns at a shooting range, smoke and drink in an old speakeasy, receive private briefings from Congressmen, Senators and their staff at the US Capitol, attend lectures at conservative think-tanks, meet like-minded friends at Young America’s Foundation’s Conservative Student Conference, enjoy public speaking and on-camera media training from some of the world’s most pre-eminent lecturers – and more – then please read these details and then contact Anne Sutherland without delay.

So would you like to come to America this summer?

capitolYBF is delighted to reveal details of this summer’s Reagan-Thatcher US Summer Conference programme.

Applications are invited by completing and returning this application form by 31 March 2014. 

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to visit the United States and to receive bespoke training, private briefings and to hear from leading conservatives. Throw in some baseball, shooting, sightseeing, shopping and socialising and it becomes the trip that all young conservatives want to attend.

Hero and Zero of the Week

By Stephen Hoffman



For sheer lack of self-awareness, crassness and a why always me attitude which makes Mario Balotelli look like a grown up, zero of the week has to go to Nicolas Anelka. Anelka is the footballer nicknamed by Arsenal fans as the incredible sulk who supported an anti-Semitic comedian called Dieudonne, by performing his now notorious anti-Semitic gesture the Quenelle. For this he was given the paltry sentence of a five game ban and a £80,000 fine by the FA, whilst being told he hadn’t promoted anti-Semitism.  As of yet all we have had heard from Anelka is denial.

Honourable mentions go to Harriet Harman for refusing to apologise for Liberty’s links with PIE and Judge Keith Cutler for sentencing Lewis Gill to just four and a half years, after Mr Gill killed Andrew Young with an unprovoked punch.



Fahma Mohamed is the brave young girl who has led an effective campaign against FGM (Female Genital Mutilation). She has called for more to be done in British schools to educate people about the vile practice and speak out against it. Thousands of people signed her petition on which highlighted that around 24,000 people are at risk from FGM. On the back of this Fahma met with Michael Gove, who has pledged to write to schools across England to help stamp out FGM.

Honourable mention must go to Michael Gove for pledging his support for the campaign against FGM.


Hero and Zero of the Week



If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past week you will have seen the awful events in Ukraine. State police are trying to kill their own people while attempting to protect the widely discredited regime of Viktor Yanukovych. The man who has the most blood on his hands for this, and after spending the past fourteen years throttling the life out of democracy in Russia, is Vladimir Putin. Mr Putin can’t stop meddling in the affairs of Ukraine, previously trying to crush the Orange Revolution led by the pro Western Ukrainian leader Viktor Yushchenko and now trying to use economic means and the threat of military force to make Ukraine a satellite of Russia, to help form his dream of a modern day Soviet Union, the Eurasian Union.

Honourable mention goes to Putin’s Puppet, useful idiot Victor Yanukovych and we must not miss out Venezuela’s Marxist leader Nicolas Madurro who is leading a violent crackdown against people in Venezuela who are speaking out for freedom and democracy.



Yulia – The person  behind the ‘I am a Ukrainian’ protest videos.

Yulia is a young Ukranian protester and her videos have gone viral.  They show how the technological revolution is acting like a clarion call for freedom across the world and putting authoritarian regimes under the microscope of world opinion like never before. But in these videos, Yulia has a simple message. Her message is that Ukrainians want to control their own destiny and are fed up of a corrupt court system and dictatorial leaders which together prevent the Ukrainian people from being free. More about Yulia’s videos can be seen here.

Honourable mentions go to Daniel Hamilton who has been outspoken in recent days on social media calling for freedom in Ukraine and to U.S. Senator for Florida, Marco Rubio, who issued an extremely sound statement in solidarity with the Ukrainian people.



 iea1For those of you who have not found this yet- YBF strongly encourages you to invest some of your time into watching The Institute of Economic Affairs’ TV Channel! A wealth of information can be found including a mini-series by Dan Hannan on the state of Europe’s economic future, a review of HS2 and a number of interesting interviews with political figures. It all makes for very productive tv watching time!

You will find IEATV at

Goodbye…and hello!

The Young Britons’ Foundation bids a fond farewell today to Nick Hallett, who takes up a new position with James Delingpole and Raheem Kassam at Breitbart London today. Nick has worked tirelessly on YBF’s research and social media output and has been a cheerful and helpful pair of hands at YBF conferences and events, most notably the recent YBFX conference at Churchill College.

Joining YBF is the former head of the Scottish Conservative Party’s youth wing, Anne Sutherland. Despite her tender years, Anne is a veteran of conservative campaigns on both sides of the border and has worked closely with our American cousins, interning in Washington DC and organising the recent successful study visit of American students who came to YBFX and who then explored London and Windsor. You can reach Anne at