The White Feather Award

The Young Britons’ Foundation instituted the White Feather Award at YBF9.

The White Feather Award recognises political cowardice. One of the many reasons for voters’ disenchantment with the political process is because too many political figures fail to exhibit anything that can be recognised as leadership or bravery.

The winner of the White Feather Award will be an individual or organisation that epitomises the very worst in politics – inexcusable weakness of character and cowardice.

Past winners:

  • 2012: Starbucks, for failing to stand up to bullying by self-styled tax justice campaigners and in capitulating to the mob over the company’s use of legitimate tax planning arrangements, thereby making it harder for law-abiding taxpayers to face down HM Revenue & Customs
  • 2013: Jane Ellison MP, for u-turning and failing to stand up to the illiberal and taxpayer-funded health fascist lobby when afforded the perfect opportunity to do so
  • 2014: The Rt Hon Baroness Warsi, for gaily enjoying the trappings of power as Conservative Party Chairman and “Senior” Minister of State for Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs while sitting as a Conservative member of the House of Lords after losing Dewsbury in the 2005 General Election in a campaign that was described as homophobic by equal rights activists before subsequently going on to attack the only democracy in the Middle East, Israel and thus proving herself to be the modern day embodiment of “the Nasty Party” and “the Stupid Party” at one and the same time