The Young Britons’ Foundation was co-founded in July 2003 by Donal Blaney and Greg Smith. It is run by a dedicated staff, managed by a Board of Trustees, supported by a Parliamentary Council, advised by an Advisory Board and has a number of alumni who have gone on to become parliamentary candidates, local councillors, political researchers, journalists and academics. You can read more about the origins of YBF here.


The Young Britons’ Foundation is a non-partisan, not-for-profit educational, research and training organisation that promotes conservatism in schools, colleges and universities.

YBF identifies, trains, mentors and places philosophically sound activists in politics, academia and the media.


The Young Britons’ Foundation directly combats left-wing bias in the education system and the mainstream media.

YBF believes that students should receive a balanced education, hearing both sides of an argument.

The biased education that students receive today is a disservice to the students and to society at large.


The Young Britons’ Foundation provides schools, colleges and universities with the chance to hear alternative viewpoints presented by conservative speakers.

Activists have the opportunity to receive policy and skills training at our workshops, as well as careers guidance at our career development workshops.

YBF then places philosophically sound conservative in full-time jobs and work experience in the City, the professions, business, the media, academia and politics.


The Young Britons’ Foundation undertakes its training workshops in London and throughout Britain.