YBF Staff

Matthew Richardson, Executive Director (matthew@ybf.org.uk)

Matthew is a Barrister and a graduate of the University of Oxford. He is also the Party Secretary of UKIP. Matthew focuses his efforts on YBF’s job and internship programme, as well as building strong links with the United States of America to grow the special relationship. Incidentally, Matthew is engaged to an American.

In 2009, Matthew was elected as a Common Councilman in the City of London and, in 2012, as an Alderman.

James Price, Programmes Officer (james@ybf.org.uk)

James PriceJames Price is a graduate of the University of Oxford and the UCL School of Public Policy.

He worked in Conservative Campaign Headquarters during the last general election and led a BattleBus in its last week. A bit of a wet when he went to University, trips to YBFVII and Liberty League quickly exposed him to enough Thatcherite thinking that he now helps other young people get involved in politics through YBF.

Outside of politics, he enjoys fruity ciders, classical archaeology and getting caught in the rain.

Advisory Board

  • Cllr Paul Osborn, Vice-Chairman, Conservative Way Forward (Chairman)
  • Ron Robinson, President, Young America’s Foundation
  • Morton C Blackwell, President, The Leadership Institute
  • David A Keene, Chairman, National Rifle Association
  • John Hilboldt, Director of Lectures & Seminars, The Heritage Foundation
  • Matthew Elliott, Founder, TaxPayers’ Alliance
  • Dr Alan Mendoza, Chief Executive, Henry Jackson Society
  • Professor Patrick Minford, Cardiff Business School
  • Iain Murray, Vice-President, Competitive Enterprise Institute
  • Bryan J Auchterlonie, Former Executive Director, Collegiate Network
  • John Dodd, President, Jesse Helms Center
  • Iain Dale, Radio Presenter & Publisher
  • Katie Pavlich, TownHall.com
  • Krista Erickson, Television Presenter & Media Consultant