YBFXI: The Courage Under Fire Award

YBF Small Dolphin LogoThe Young Britons’ Foundation will be instituting the Courage Under Fire Award at YBFXI.

The Courage Under Fire Award, inspired by an award of the same name at CPAC, recognises political bravery and an ability or willingness to stand up for conservative, classical liberal or libertarian principles when it would be all too easy to back down and appease the enemies of freedom.

The winner of the Courage Under Fire Award will be an individual or organisation that displays true courage in the face of adversity in politics.

Who would you nominate to win the Courage Under Fire Award at YBFXI? Send in your nominations to YBF’s new Operations Director, India Brummitt, at india.brummitt@ybf.org.uk.

The Global Leadership for Freedom Award

YBF Small Dolphin LogoThe Young Britons’ Foundation instituted the Global Leadership for Freedom Award at YBFX.

The Global Leadership for Freedom Award recognises the visionary application of free market solutions to problems in the developing world, when it seems all too easy to suggest throwing western taxpayers’ money at problems in an effort to feel good.

The winner of the Global Leadership for Freedom Award will be an individual or organisation that exemplifies the very best in humanitarian leadership, coupled with the principled application of free market principles.

Past winners:

  • 2013: Andrew Macleod, for his work in the international humanitarian movement since the 1990s in the former Yugoslavia, West Africa and Pakistan, coupled with his visionary and inspirational development of private sector led initiatives across Asia.
  • 2014: Sir Edward Leigh MP, Philip Hollobone MP, David Nuttall MP, Mark Reckless MP, Christopher Chope OBE MP, Jacob Rees-Mogg MP & Philip Davies MP, for simultaneously standing up for British taxpayers and the world’s poorest people by voting against the government’s mandatory expenditure of 0.7% of Gross Domestic Product on ineffectual international aid programmes when the better solution is freer trade

YBFXI Awards

YBF Small Dolphin LogoAt each conference, YBF hands out a number of awards to prominent conservatives, libertarians and classical liberals who deserve recognition – as well as to those who deserve to be recognised for their failures.

The awards handed out at YBFXI were:

  • The Eric Forth Award for Activism (Winner: Rory Broomfield)
  • The Dolphin Award (Winner: Mark Clarke)
  • The Lifetime Warrior Award (Winner: The Rt Hon Lord Lawson of Blaby PC)
  • The Conservative Leadership Award (Winner: Daniel Hannan MEP)
  • The One to Watch Award (Winner: Tim Aker MEP)
  • The One of Us Award (Winner: Jonathan Isaby)
  • The Special Relationship Award (Winner: General Sam Hines)
  • The White Feather Award (Winner: The Rt Hon Baroness Warsi)

This year we will also be awarding two new awards:

  • The Courage Under Fire Award (Winner: The Rt Hon Michael Gove MP)
  • The Global Freedom Leadership Award (Winners: 2014: Sir Edward Leigh MP, Philip Hollobone MP, David Nuttall MP, Mark Reckless MP, Christopher Chope OBE MP, Jacob Rees-Mogg MP & Philip Davies MP)

India: a new era

photo 1The Board of the Young Britons’ Foundation is pleased to announce that India Brummitt has today joined YBF as full-time Operations Director after having been actively involved for a number of years.

India has attended a number of YBF events, including the YBF Conference in the US and the UK, having attended her first YBF event in 2010. Prior to joining the Young Britons’ Foundation India worked in parliament for a Conservative MP before moving into public relations in the City where she specialised in financial services and public affairs.

India is the National Deputy Chairman of Conservative Future and a graduate of Royal Holloway.

You can reach India to congratulate her by email at india.brummitt@ybf.org.uk.

Have you bought your tickets for YBFXI?

YBF Small Dolphin LogoTickets for the 11th Young Britons’ Foundation Activist Training Conference, known as YBFXI, are almost sold out. While the early bird discount has now ended, full price (and still subsidised) tickets are available online here.

What are you waiting for? Christmas? Well, if you wait long, YBFXI will have already taken place!

Dealing with hecklers

Long-time YBF lecturer, Dr John Shosky, has written speeches for American Presidents, Cabinet appointees and senior White House officials since the 1980s. Each summer, Dr Shosky runs a public speaking workshop for the Young Britons’ Foundation in Washington DC. Part of that workshop deals with how to handle hecklers.

Here are two examples this week that show how to deal with heckling. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie slams a well-known Democrat campaigner who stalks him across the state in his now well-known Sopranos-style combative approach. President Obama attacks his heckler by turning his fire on the Republicans (forgetting that his own party, the Democrats, controlled both Houses of Congress for the first part of his presidency and yet he was still unable to get immigration reform past his own party colleagues).

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum

This is the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum, visited each year by the Young Britons’ Foundation and the inspiration behind the Margaret Thatcher Centre. It is a fitting way to remember a great President and close ally of Margaret Thatcher – the man who won the Cold War without firing a single shot.

YBF Founder in The Times Top 50

The-TimesDonal Blaney, Founder and Chairman of the Young Britons’ Foundation, was listed at number 50 in The Times Top 100 Right-Wingers this week. His citation reads:

“50. (+20) Donal Blaney
CEO, Conservative Way Forward, the Margaret Thatcher Centre & Young Britons’ Foundation

Blaney revels in his reputation as a slightly shadowy, guru-like figure. YBF is his baby and it’s the nearest thing the Conservative Party has to a “madrassa”. It does what Conservative Future should be doing and trains young activists in campaigning and media management. Blaney is a kind of godfather figure to the young conservative movement. He’s also the man behind the creation of the Margaret Thatcher centre and has raised a huge amount of money to get the project off the ground. He’s behind the Conservative party’s RoadTrip organisation, which has become the activist wing of the party. Many believe that Grant Shapps kept his job in part because of the 200 RoadTrip activists sent to the Newark by-election”.